Can Donnie Gosse Still Compete?

Updated: January 13, 2011
Donnie Gosse | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

St. John’s native Donnie Gosse has been one of the premier defensive players in Newfoundland senior hockey for the last ten years.  He’s shown what it takes to compete at the highest level here in Newfoundland but there’s many fans wondering if Gosse still can compete.

Gosse has crossed into the West Coast Senior Hockey league this season after his previous team – the Southern Shore Breakers – dropped out of the East league.  After signing with the Royals, there were many with high expectations that his addition to the red, white and blue would give the Royals and edge on the blue line and perhaps be enough to push the Royals back to the top of their game.

Fans in Corner Brook are familiar with Gosse who quickly garnished the nickname “Turtle” for his on ice antics and antagonistic ways that saw him covering up if the threat of a fight arrived.

However, this is a new league, with new rules and even though Gosse came out of the gate with a bit of rust, he has showed he can still rise to the occasion and compete.  He still has the soft hands, great passing skills and can skate with the best of him.  He’s both an offensive threat leading the charge and can rush back to cover up defensively.

Critics may think that Gosse is overrated and not worth what the Royals are alleged to be paying this player.  However, any coach and the majority of the true hockey fans recognize what an asset he is to any team.


  1. shawn

    January 13, 2011 at 6:42 am

    donnie gosse certainly can still compete and he is still a premiere d-man in this league,and he is proving that this year as the season progresses towards the playoffs,some ppl say hes not the same and they are right cuz hes matured since his stint with the wings a few years back,passing ability is 2nd to none in this league, his ability of getting the shot thru from the blue line is awesome,and his play in his own end is very good as well,it all adds up to hes one of the best d-men in this league

    donnies leadership is also a big part of why ross coates wanted him to play with the royals,as it will pay dividends as we roll into the playoffs,donnie is here for a reason and he still believes this can be accomplished and hes the type of guy that can make it happen,donnie wants one last herder before he retires and he has all intentions of leading the corner brook royals to aachieve his goal

  2. Kenn

    January 14, 2011 at 2:32 am

    Gosse, in no small way, was the Breakers organization. A captain beyond reproach, arguably the league’s best quarterback and the steadiest veteran defenceman in the Avalon East. Which is where I think the rust comes from. It’s no secret the West is a step above the East, some would argue two or three. No doubt there was an adjustment period. At this point, I don’t think we’ll be seeing him on the ice at Mile One this April. It’s baffling how a talented unit like the Royals are languishing in the standings.

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