Short Suspended for Salvis Hit???

Updated: March 2, 2016

After receiving a request to review the hit that the Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts’ defenseman Rodi Short delivered on the Corner Brook Royals’ Ryan Salvis, Newfoundland Hockey Talk has learned from sources close to the incident that Rodi Short has been allegedly given a 3-game suspension.

NL Hockey Talk has reached out to Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador President Craig Tulk regarding this apparent suspension and was referred to Andy Brake, the Vice President of the Central West Senior Hockey League.  In reaching out to Mr. Brake, NL Hockey Talk was told that there would be a press release issued later in the day and at the end of the day, there is still no apparent decision and no information coming from either HNL or the CWSHL.  This has led to speculation as to whether there is a suspension and if there is, for how long.

The incident evolved around Game 2 of the Central West Senior Hockey League.  Short & Salvis were battling for a puck that had gone behind the Cataracts goal.  In a video obtained and shown below, it appears that in battling with Salvis down the length of the ice, Short shoved Salvis hard into the backboard.  Salvis was knocked unconscious and later taken off the ice on stretcher where he was taken to the Grand Falls-Windsor Hospital by ambulance.

The incident can be viewed in the video below (we’ve also added a super slow motion version at the end):

It was later revealed to other media outlets that the league may be pursuing supplementary discipline.  Salvis had been diagnosed with a mild concussion, broken ribs and bruised lungs, putting him out of the lineup for the remainder of the season.

Coach Darren Langdon also took to the airways to pass his comment on the actual incident.  Langdon indicated that in today’s game, the speed of the game means that players have to show more diligence and “cant be doing that stuff at that speed – too dangerous“.

After the hit, the Corner Brook Royals leading scorer, Brandon Hynes called the hit the most disgusting thing that he had ever witnessed on the ice.  Royals goaltender Bryan Gillis indicated that this was senior hockey and that intent to injure has no part in the game.

Neither the Corner Brook Royals or Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts have responded with respect to the possibility of a suspension being given to the defenseman.  However, the Cataracts responded to the accusations that there was an intent to injure with an official statement being released by Stan Coffin, the Cataracts President.  Coffin stated:

I want to assure everyone that in no way would the Cataracts condone the intentional injury of another player. Hockey is a rough, fast paced game played by strong young men. The speed at which the game is played and the physical nature of the play can sometimes lead to unintended consequences involving injuries. We believe this to be the case with what happened between Cataracts player Rodi Short and Ryan Salvis. While Rodi does indeed play a physical brand of hockey we do not accept the accusations of some that it was his intent to injure any player.

Much of the discussion as to whether there would be a suspension handed down by HNL focused on whether or not there was an intent to injure.  While watching the video, there is no way to determine intent but it is obvious from the video that Short does push Salvis into the boards, causing him to fall awkwardly into the boards.  Some are saying that this while it may not constitute intent, does show a reckless disregard for a player’s safety as the play developed.  Others have noted on NL Hockey Talk’s discussion forum that both players were travelling at top speed, leaving only a split second to make a decision and have acknowledged that while Short’s contact does contribute to the contact with the boards, this alone does not constitute intent to injure and therefore should not result in a suspension.

There is also a lot of discussion taking place by the fans of the game on the NL Hockey Talk discussion forum as to whether the incident can result in a suspension and whether such a suspension would violate HNL/CWSHL rules & constitution.  Many fans are expressing concerns that the alleged suspension may be based on the “intent to injure” but there is no way to determine intent.

The confusion and much of the speculation around this supposed suspension comes largely from the silence from the league, HNL and the teams.

Playoff action resumes on Saturday night as the Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts head into Deer Lake to face the Corner Brook Royals in Game 3 of the CWSHL finals.

Update: We added this super slow motion version of the video

** Update **
This article has been updated to reflect developments around this issue and to provide links to some of the items referenced.  Some corrections were also made to grammar & spelling.


  1. Steve

    March 2, 2016 at 11:54 am

    Wasn’t it Short that hit Dale Sullivan with the Caribous in the play offs this time last year? Dale also ended up with a concussion and hasn’t been able to return to senior hockey since the injury. I recall that being a nasty hit as well. Time for the league to put a stop to this guy. Causing head injuries and ending careers in senior hockey is a pattern with him.

  2. Unknown

    March 2, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    The hit didn’t look to good but its the way the play happened, Rodi Short isnt a dirty player for those who are calling him one, whats a dirty player is pender screaming to bussy after his hit from MacDonald from behind into the boards.

  3. James curtis

    March 2, 2016 at 8:12 pm

    This was more then just a little push he pushed fairly hard. In my opinion Rodi knew what he was doing when he skates around the net he don’t even look back with any concern just heads towards the bench.

  4. anon

    March 2, 2016 at 9:16 pm

    I agree steve, theres no place in the league for this bullshit, these players have families and have to wake up monday morning and go to work. Rodi Short has a major history of dirty plays and isnt man enough to be accountable for it. This year i corner brook cats were losing penney scores the empty netter and slashed penney but once penney wanted a piece of him he was on the bench!! HNL should have send a statement to the players by suspending him atleast the rest of this year! if the series goes to game 6, their just asking for more trouble!

  5. Leaburn

    March 3, 2016 at 9:01 am

    A member of my family was offered a position with Grand Falls. His words to the league were “ you can’t pay me enough “, because if I get injured I can’t work. That mean all my years of school down the drain. The house and car don’t get paid for etc… , and who will provide for my family.

    These guys are not looked after, and have the same insurance like they have in the NHL.

    I also feel that if someone hits someone intentionally to hurt and puts that player out of play then they should also be out of play until the one that is hurt is ready to come back.

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