Predictions For the Cats/ Mariners series?

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Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:17 pm

Would like to know some opinions on how you think the weekend series will turn out?

I'm hoping for at least a split! If the mariners can play good D in there own zone we should be okay! If not and gives up too many sensless turn overs then the Cats will walk away with 2 easy games! MO!

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Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:22 pm

The Mariners have a very young defense....with Musseau/Edgar and MacLean back there on defense they will make mistakes.....however they are all good young defenseman and seem to get better all the time and if they stay playing on the team the Mariners will have the most solid d in the league by as early as next year. Hopkins and Snow are the rocks on the Mariner D. Ball plays decent back there too when needed. The Mariner team as a whole are quite young...they lean on their vets like no one else in the league. Robinson and Nick Tucker log big minutes and Greg Edgar is a little overplayed IMO as he seems to tire late in the game but his shot is quite dangerous.

Everyone else top down are quite young....francis, ransome, mitchell, leriche, and jordan mackay are all 18 or younger. I don't really have a prediction to will win but the mariners will have to plug up the middle of the ice against the speedy cats and play a simple game to upset the perennial champs. If the Mariners lay alot of body that may give them the upper hand.....its gonna be close.

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