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Cats management

Join in the discussion involving the Central West Hockey League (formerly the Newfoundland & Labrador Senior Hockey League) Current teams include the Clarenville Caribous, Gander Flyers, Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts and the Corner Brook Royals. Other teams that played in the province wide league included the Mount Pearl Blades, Conception Bay North CeeBee Stars & the Western Royals (Deer Lake).

Cats management

Postby SSKyle » Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:43 am

There has been a lot of BS banter about the CATS having pick ups for the Allan Cup, I think we can all agree that this tournament calls for such pick ups, no matter how good any team is, any one that has a clue about hockey believes this.

So I think we should acknowledge the people that put this team together. I am not sure who does the recruitment for the CATS in this situation, but they should be recognized, because this team could have picked from a very large pool of players, from here and im sure the mainland and I think they did an excellent job. One prime example was picking up Matt Bragg, a guy that was always a great player in NL senior maybe not a standout, but a type of player you need to have on your team to win. I'm sure he played better than most peoples expectations but this again is just an example.

Anyways, maybe lionsden can shed some light on who put this team together because they certainly deserve some credit
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Re: Cats management

Postby madness » Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:22 am

100% agree SSKyle. The team was built well and i believe every single person who was selected or involved bought into what the role was. Bishop, Stone and Lewis have been soldiers for the cataracts and Jump in whenever called upon but I am sure they knew their role in NB. And I bet they did whatever was asked of them up there to help the team win.

The management team did a fantastic job and the whole organization should be commended. It is Common place in sports everywhere to bolster lineups. Every sport does it and it is common place. Look no further then the Gushue Rink for that evidence
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Re: Cats management

Postby Oh just a fan » Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:52 pm

Biggest reason most people are crapping on the Cats for picking up players, their only doing it cause the CWSHL fans have been crapping on the Cee Bees for picking up players to beat the Bous. So naturally their going to do the same and crap in the Cats. I know people think I'm crapping on them too, but all I've been trying to say was, are the players who were replaced going to come back and play.

Anyways either way, I agree with you, the players they picked up seemed to be the difference this year and whomever is in charge of getting players done their job.
Oh just a fan
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Re: Cats management

Postby smogdog » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:03 am

but they never beat the bous
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