Terry Ryan Returning to the Corner Brook Royals

Updated: April 21, 2009

Terry Ryan - Corner Brook RoyalsAfter a dismal season, the Corner Brook Royals may have a ray of sunshine destined to return to the lineup in the upcoming West Coast Senior Hockey League in the 2009/2010 season.  Terry Ryan is rumoured to have given the Corner Brook Royals his commitment to play next season if he plays in the WCSHL at all.
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As one of the most consistent and positive players on the Corner Brook Royals, Ryan has continually put a positive spin on the pathetic season the Corner Brook Royals just finished.  However, if rumour are true, Ryan wants to be a part of the rebuilding and wants to have his leadership influence the direction of the young talent being scouted by the Royals Management.

Newfoundland Hockey Talk does however, question the reliability of this rumour.  Sources have indicated that Ryan was upset with the Corner Brook Royals’ performance in the just finished West Coast Senior Hockey League season.  While on the ice and before media people, Ryan has been a consummate professional, always appearing positive.
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  However, behind the scenes has many insiders telling different stories.

If Terry Ryan does return he will return with a mission and something to prove.  The Corner Brook Royals could use his scoring punch and leadership in what will definitely be a rebuilding year.

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