Did Druken Live up to Expectations?

Updated: April 24, 2009

With the acquisition of Harold Druken, the Deer Lake Red Wings and their fans were excited.  Touted as one of the high calibre players available on the island, having Druken sign with the Wings was a major announcement.
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  However, did he live up to expectations?
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There are many fans throughout the West Coast Senior Hockey League that think that Druken did not play up to the calibre as what was expected.  Granted, he had just come from an extended absense from the game and was playing with a new squad.
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  However, was the signing of Druken all hype?

Looking at the stats Druken managed 44 points, with 16 goals and 28 assists, putting him 5th in scoring, well behind the Red Wings Mark Robinson who had a career season with 65 points.  Could Druken’s presence aided Robinson win the scoring title by 10 points?  It probably had some impact but Robinson played as if he had a mission this season and was by far, the best player in the West Coast Senior Hockey League.

Druken is a fine player.  His skill is obvious when you watch him on the ice, but there was something missing from his game.  It was in the opinion of Newfoundland Hockey Talk, a combination of rust and being unfamiliar with the team he was playing on.  He looked at times a little out of place but did adjust as the season progressed.

Harold Druken if back with the Red Wings next seasn will defintely be a force to be reckoned with in the WCSHL.

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