Sharks, Devils and Rangers Say Farewell

Updated: April 29, 2009

The San Jose Sharks, New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers bid farewell to the NHL Playoffs and head to the golf course after their sudden exit from their quest for the Cup of Lord Stanley.

With the San Jose Sharks exist, Newfoundlander Ryan Clowe sees his quest for a cup end prematurely.
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  Playing on a team with the talent of the Sharks, many here in this fair province were hoping that Clowe would have an opportunity to allow Newfoundland to have a visit from the Stanley Cup, following in the footprints of Dan Cleary of the Detroit Red Wings.
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  However, it was not in the cards as the Sharks had a pathetic playoff and was only the 4th Presidents Cup winner to exit in the first round.
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The Devils collapse in the third period (well the last minute of the 3rd Period) sees their quest for the 2009 Stanley Cup end as well.  After evening the score with 1:20 left to play, the Hurricanes put the finishing touch on the Devils less than a minute later, going ahead 4-3.  The collapse of the New Jersey Devils in the final minute was uncharacteristic of a team that plays so strong defensively.

Finally, what can be said about the New York Rangers?  Not much considering how they blew a 3-1 series lead and let the Washington Capitals come back and take the series from under their noses.  A team of under-achievers who will probably say the media didn’t want them to win anyway.

Who will win the 2009 Stanley Cup?  Perhaps the Ducks of Anaheim after knocking off the mighty Sharks may have what it takes?  It could also be the Capitals – they are playing with heart or is Ovechkin just pumped on too much Red Bull?

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