Corner Brook Designated West Coast Hockey Location for Herder Memorial Games

Updated: May 1, 2009

Newfoundland Hockey Talk has been hearing that fans have spoken and apparently several teams and the President of the West Coast Senior Hockey League have listened.  In the upcoming annual general meeting for the league, a motion will be tabled to designate Corner Brook and the Pepsi Centre as the official location for all Herder Memorial Championship games for the West Coast league.

How will this sit with the current reigning Herder Memorial  Champs, the Clarenville Caribous?  Well, one can only guess that this will cause a major ripple through that organization and throughout the league if this rumour proves to be true.  However, it is the Caribous decision to play their Herder games at Mile One in St. John’s that has led to the controversy and backlash that is occurring right now.

One hockey fan has written Newfoundland Hockey Talk and stated:

I’ve been watching Herder Games for the last 25 years.  This year I never got to see one game.
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  It’s a west coast league and if they (the teams) can’t accept that, they should go elsewhere to play.  It’s ridiculous that the league has allowed this to occur.  I won’t support them next year if it continues.

Will Corner Brook and the Pepsi Centre be designated as the West Coast location for the Herder Memorial Games?  Newfoundland Hockey Talk thinks that this will be a battle that will not be settled just yet.
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  The Clarenville Caribous will be dead-set against moving the Herder games to Corner Brook.  The Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts will probably be against this move.  The Deer Lake Red Wings and the Corner Brook Royals will probably be supportive.  Any vote on the issue is likely to be a tie.

That leaves Gary Gale, President of the West Coast Senior Hockey League to cast the deciding vote.  Given the pressure that has been levied in his direction by the fans and the criticism in the media, and his past desire to avoid making the “tough” decision, who knows what he will do.  Newfoundland Hockey Talk is also hearing that Deer Lake and Corner Brook are going to push the issue.  These teams want the games on the West Coast.

It will be a showdown and look at this changing the landscape of the league for sometime to come.

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