Week One: Were there Surprises?

Updated: November 4, 2009

With week one of the WCSHL in the books, one must look at the games and see if there were any surprises.

Looking at the Cataracts and the Royals, this was a very entertaining series.  The Royals looked like a completely different team, finishing their checks, skating and playing a pretty good game defensively.
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  Their loss in the shoot-out was a let down for the fans in attendance, but they should be pleased overall as their team bounced back the next night to take a decisive victory.

The bright spot for the Royals should be young Scott Doody.  This guy is going to be the future of the organization!

The Cataracts on the otherhand, they were quite impressive.  With their line-up filled with lots of new talent, it was obvious that this team is going to be a major contender this year if the players gel.  There was no doubt that this team has improved on paper, and there were obvious flashes of this improvement during their opener against the Royals.

The Deer Lake Red Wings however started the season off on a very bad foot.  Sources have told Newfoundland Hockey Talk that the Wings looked old and tired – not the same team that they have seen the last few seasons.  With some of the players who have left this year, one must wonder if the Wings still have what it takes to be competitive in the league. 

Sure, it’s only one series, and the Wings are famous for bouncing back and showing their true grit that has made them perennial successes in the league, but the fact is, one must wonder if they do have what it takes to compete in this changed league.  The younger legs and talent pool on the other teams have improved dramatically and the Wings seem to have not kept pace.

What about the Caribous?  They started the season with a bang, with two big wins against the Wings.
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  They started off right where they left off last season, showing why they are the defending league and Herder Memorial champs.

Newfoundland Hockey Talk wasn’t sure if they could continue their winning ways this season but they have come out of the gates firing on all cylinders and look like major contenders once again.

The season is just starting!  Stay tuned!

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