The Corner Brook Royals

Updated: December 15, 2009

The Corner Brook Royals are now under “new” management, a move that has many fans shaking their heads and asking why?  The trouble with the Corner Brook Royals have been around for a few years and the changes that the organization has made doesn’t go far enough to address what has to be done to right this sinking ship.

The Corner Brook Royals have a long history of success in hockey.  The people who ran the organization had a passion for hockey and wanted to win at all costs.  This doesn’t seem to be the case these last few years.

The downfall of the Corner Brook Royals started when Ed Kearsey, one of the best hockey minds on the West Coast stopped coaching the team.  There has been many people who speculated as to why Kearsey and the Royals parted ways – some say there were troubles in the dressing room with “star” players and others say it had to do with management direction.

What has the Royals accomplished since Kearsey left?  Not a great deal.  They’ve been pretty much bottom dwellers in the four team league we have all grown to love (and sometimes hate).
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People also thought that the departure of Dick Cashin from the team would make things easier and now they could get on with “winning” and playing hockey.  Dick was one of the many reasons the Royals were successful.
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  Regardless of what you may think of this individual, he had the heart, passion and nose for hockey.  He could sniff out a great player and his knowledge of the game brought many fans hours of entertainment.

Let’s fast forward to now.  What do we have?  A team that is now backed by “new” management and many are questioning if this is the right move.  Sure, the Corner Brook Royals need a shake-up, but they also need a leader on and off the ice.

It’s the opinion of Newfoundland Hockey Talk that these changes will do nothing to improve the Royals chances of succeeding.  They looked brilliant in the first few weeks of the season but now they look like a team that lacks the heart and soul to do anything.

The players deserve better!  The fans deserve better!  The Corner Brook Royals deserve better!
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