Darren Colbourne on the Allan Cup and Corner Brook Royals

Updated: February 12, 2010

Darren Colbourne has been a hockey player nearly all his life.  He’s dedicated many hours to the game we all love and watching him play throughout his career in the West Coast Senior Hockey League was a treat.

Last season Darren’s career seemed to be all but over as he left the Corner Brook Royals and hung up his skates – marking the end to a very colorful and successful career as a hockey player.

A leader both on and office the ice, Darren gave it his all and his passion for the game showed through.
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  Unfortunately, in his last year as a Corner Brook Royal, the organization tossed him into a role that was not fitting for the leader that Darren Colbourne is.

Today I had a brief opportunity to chat with Darren while he was sitting at lunch with his son.  I’ve known Darren for some time and it’s always a pleasure to talk with him and to hear the passion for the game come out in his voice.

I asked him about him signing with the Clarenville Caribous in their quest for the Allan Cup.  I told him that I had heard rumblings through the rumor mill that he was taking to the ice again but wasn’t sure in what capacity.  I told him that I thought I’d see him with another organization this year in the West Coast Senior Hockey League, prodding him for some information and laughing as we joked back and forth.

Darren’s response “I could never play against the Royals.  They are in my blood and I could never go there!”

I asked him about what’s going on with the Corner Brook Royals this year.  He smiled and said “We’ve chatted about this before.  You know how I feel about it and there’s gotta be some changes.  We all know that.”

Still, Darren was a professional!  He never criticized his former organization and kept very positive.  That’s what always made me admire Darren as a leader.  He simply acknowledged my comments, smiled and laughed, especially when I told him I would be writing something for Newfoundland Hockey Talk.

We chatted for a bit about Newfoundland Hockey Talk and he congratulated me on its success.  He said “It’s how I keep up on what’s going on in the league.” and knowing that he was a reader made me smile and wonder how many other players are on the site.  He introduced me to his son (whom Darren coaches in Pee Wee) and I got to meet one the next rising stars in Newfoundland Hockey.

We talked about the announcement of his signing with the Clarenville Caribous and the Allan Cup.  I told him that this was the missing element from what I thought would be a very successful run at the Allan Cup and said “I hoped that the rumor was true and that the Bous were going to pick you up.  You’ll fill the role of leader that was missing from the team!”

Darren smiled, thanked me and we chatted a bit more.  I could see the fire in his eyes and hear the passion in his voice.  He’s pumped to be a part of this Newfoundland contingent and is focused on preparing for the Allan Cup run.  “I have 6 weeks to prepare,” he said, “It’s going to be a great ride and we have a great shot.”

With the grit from the Wings, the speed from the Caribous, the coaching expertise brought by Pearcey and the leadership brought by Darren Colbourne, look out Allan Cup.

Unfortunately, it was time for me to leave and I wished Darren all the best.
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Darren Colbourne has the fire and passion back for hockey!  It’s going to be a pleasure in the upcoming weeks!
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