Is Juan Strickland Suspended by HNL?

Updated: February 20, 2010
Juan Strickland | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

Rumours abound that Juan Strickland, coach of the Corner Brook Royals has received a one-year suspension for his recent comments in The Western Star.  Not only has HNL supposedly handed down a suspension but they have also removed him as the technical directory of the Corner Brook Minor Hockey Association.

Other sources are indicating that the suspension has nothing to do with the statements in The Western Star but deals with abuse of officials and conduct at the Clarenville Events Centre during their series with the Bous.

Coming from multiple sources there is obviously something happening with Juan Strickland.

If the rumours are true Juan Strickland has received on of the harshest suspensions handed down in recent hockey history here in Newfoundland and Labrador.  Newfoundland Hockey Talk has to ask does the punishment fit the “crime”?

Juan Strickland should be ashamed for making those comments or even suggesting his player is receiving unfair treatment because of his skin color.  In making such accusations, Strickland has crossed a line.

The outrage expressed by many Royals fans and many hockey fans in general has supposedly caused HNL to step up and deal with the issue.

And while the issue of racism is appalling and disgusting but this doesn’t seem to make sense that HNL would hand down a one-year suspension for that.  While hinted at in the story, there’s no outright accusation of racism, just questions posed by Strickland wondering why there appears to be unfair treatment of his player.

The more likely scenario any suspension would have more to do with the alleged abuse of officials and conduct at the CEC.
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  It would make more sense, especially if the HNL has stepped in and removed Strickland from his post with the Corner Brook Minor Hockey Association.

Even if this is the case, one would have to question HNL’s right to do this.

Both the HNL and Corner Brook Royals have been contacted to provide details on this supposed suspension.
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  No response has yet been received.

Until any official comment is made, this is still all rumour and speculation.
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