The New Corner Brook Royals

Updated: December 9, 2011

The first half of the season is gone by and the Royals are sitting with 5 wins, 5 losses.  If you read the discussions taking place about the Newfoundland Senior Hockey League you will hear some good and some bad things about the Corner Brook Royals.

This year is a bit of an odd year.

With the Deer Lake Red Wings taking a year to rebuild their organization, many of the Deer Lake players such as the Robinsons and the Langdons have suited up in the red-white-and-blue.  It’s a bit of different dynamic given the rich history and rivalry these two teams had on the ice.

That’s where the rivalry stops … on the ice.

Talking to the fans, many are impressed with what the Royals are doing this year.
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  They are playing some of their best hockey and could have easily won every game.  Sure, they had some bad luck and couldn’t put the puck in the net at times and were unable to finish some great scoring opportunities … but you have to look at the situation as it was unfolding.

The Corner Brook Royals once again had a new coach.
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  He may have had experience and some successes behind the bench in minor hockey but this is much different.  Fitzgerald needed time to get his footing, feel out his players and understand the dynamics of the game.    Some of his inexperience has shown through at times, quite evident in his lines and his on-ice match-ups but he has adjusted and is doing a fine job.

The players needed some time to also gel, to find their legs and to get a feel for how their new line mates played.  It has taken some time and over the course of 10 games, the Royals have started to find their stride.  Their passing has improved, they’ve finished their checks, have shown so much emotion and heart as of late, they have started to turn heads in this league.

Many had written the Royals off after their first weekend.

Big mistake.

This is a team that is filled with competitors.  Contrary to popular beliefs, there is no animosity in the dressing room, just a bunch of guys having fun and wanting to win.

For the fans who have decided to stay away from the game this year … you’re really missing a treat.

The new Corner Brook Royals is a great team.  The organization is keeping true to its plan to rebuild this great organization.

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