Central/West Junior Hockey League Finished?

Updated: December 19, 2013
Central West Junior Hockey League | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

The Central/West Junior Hockey League (CWJHL) is looking more and more like it calling it is finished.

At the heart of the issue is a fine imposed on two of the league’s teams – the Stephenville Junior Jets and the Port Aux Basques Junior Mariners. The fine in the amount of $400 was imposed on both teams when they missed the most recent Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador (HNL) annual general meeting that was held in September. Ron Dobbin of the Junior Jets indicated he was not paying the fine after it was imposed, stating that his team “basically decided to call it a day.”

Gerry Taylor of HNL indicated that the decision to fine teams occurred several years back because of poor attendance at the AGM. “They knew exactly what the rules were and chose to stay away from the meeting”, Taylor said, indicating there was nothing that could be done because of the by-law that was created.

However, the Jets general manager indicates this is the first time that the by-law was enforced since it was implemented. He stated he was somewhat surprised at the actions of HNL saying “I thought they would smarten up and come to their senses and realize this is not a professional league.
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What gives them the right to fine a team $400 per meeting. I am disgusted, absolutely disgusted with their arrogance.”

Taylor feels that this is more about Dobbin refusing to live by the rules, speculating that the dispute has to do with the CWJHL being moved from Junior B to Junior C after poor showings at th eVeitch Memorial Provincial Championships in St. John’s. HNL would also like to see a proper exective established for the league rather than having each team operate as their own authority.

HNL ultimately backed away from the requirement of the league to have its own executive and suggested that Ron Downey, WEstern Director with HNL oversee all decisions made by the teams. Downey was prepared to take on the role and has indicated that the league is “still salvageable time-wise”, but he doesn’t think that it is going to happen. Downey refused comment on the issue of the outstanding fines levied on the two clubs.

Taylor is still hopeful that the CWJHL can still be salvaged. “We’d love to see that happen,” he said, “Right now, it doesn’t seem like they’re going to do it.
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” He calls the entire situation “sad”.

Dobbin on the otherhand is more insistent. “The Central/West League is done.
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Absolutely done.”

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