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Updated: December 20, 2013
Dan LaCosta | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

Labrador local Dan LaCosta has decided to hang up his skates and retire from hockey, being the only goalie from Labrador to ever play in the NHL.

Born and raised in Labrador City, LaCosta decided to call it quits after suffering his third concussion of the season while playing for the Cardiff Devils of the Elite Ice Hockey League out of the United Kingdom. After speaking to several doctors, LoCosta said he really didn’t have a choice. “I spoke with a couple of doctors, I went to go see a neurologist and they all said that I shouldn’t play anymore.” LoCosta took their advice and decided it was time to retire at just 27 years old, a very young age when you consider the position he plays.
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After lacing up his skates for the Devils, LaCosta first took a knee to the head when a forward crashed the net. The second concussion game in a freak collision that knocked the goaltender unconcious. With LaCosta absent from the lineup, the Devils struggled and he felt it was his duty to come back as soon as possible. Then on December 7, the net minder received his third concussion when he was struck in the head when a power forward crashed the net, ending his career. LaCosta made the decision to leave the game he loved rather than risk his health.

Even though he feels he’s young for retirement, the goalie has no regrets or bitterness about how his career ended. He considers himself fortunate for being given the opportunity to experience what he has and to have played at such a high level. “I got an unbelievable life experince from it that a lot of people would have died for. And I consider myself fortunate …
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I don’t feel sorry for myself whatsoever.” he said.

He was originally planning to retire after winning the CIS national championships with the University of New Brunswick Varsity Reds but indicated the offer from the Cardiff Devils was too good to refuse. The offer would also give him an opportunity to see Wales and the United Kingdom, as well as receive funding for his masters degree in business.

Throughout his career, especially with his performance for the Columbus Blue Jackets (who drafted him in 2004 – 93rd overall), many expected LaCosta to have a long NHL career. In his four appearances for the club he had a 2-0 record with 1 shutout, 1.42 GAA and a .953 save percentage, impressive numbers for any goaltender.

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