Scott & Goulding to do the Worlds

Updated: December 20, 2013
George Scott | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

When we talk about Newfoundland Senior Hockey, most of the conversation centres around the players, the teams and the leagues. Even the referees get a fair bit of chatter whether good or bad. The good news stories that come to light are about a player who’s having a ‘career year’ or a team that’s performing better/worst than expected. Those behind the scenes involved with the teams and the league, voluteering their time are often overlooked.

Two of the most deserving people in the Newfoundland Senior Hockey League have been recognized for what they do with something that is truly a big deal. George Scott and Robert Goulding have been the voices behind the Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts webcast/audiocast for the last several years. They continually offer well-balanced commentary and even though they are involved with the Cataracts organization, they offer some of the most unbiased analysis of league play you will find.

What’s this “big deal” of a reward?

George Scott and Rodney Goulding have been chosen as the broadcast team for the upcoming World Junior Under-17 Torunament being held at Centre 200 in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Their gig will take place from December 29th through to January 4th as a host of five regional Canadian teams along with five international teams (Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany and the United States) compete for the title of World U-17 Champion.

All games will be broadcast live at

Let’s show these locals our support by listening in and cheering them on as they take a step towards the big leagues with this fabulous opportunity.

Congratulations George & Rodney. We here at Newfoundland Hockey Talk wish you the best of luck and hope that this is the start of a great career in play-by-play and commentary.

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