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Updated: December 29, 2013
Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendar | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

It was purely by chance that the owner of Newfoundland Hockey Talk met the brain power behind the Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendars.  After seeing an advertisement showing up in Google Ads, an email was sent and within minutes a phone conversation happened, ending in the wee hours of the morning.  That was 2009 and in the years that have passed, a friendship has developed.

In 2009 Brian and Elizabeth Urlacher traveled to Newfoundland to meet up with Barry & Lisa Wheeler.  The Urlachers were on a mission to bring the Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendar to the masses, helping teams raise money for their operations.  The Wheelers extended their Newfoundland Hospitality to help them find shoot locations and assist in however they could during their working vacation.

Fast forward to 2013 and what started purely by chance has blossomed into a great frienship.  The Urlachers and the Wheelers keep in touch via social media, still exchange emails, chat on the phone and when the need arises, call on one another for help.

NL Hockey Talk owner Barry Wheeler jokes that “The 2013 version of the Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendar has even made Lisa a cover girl.” as proudly shows off the calendar that has his wife pictured on the cover in one of the amazing pieces of art created from pictures taken by the Urlachers on their travels.  “It’s amazing to see how pictures transform into the art,” Wheeler says, elaborating that the picture of his wife on the cover was actually taken from one of the final pictures the Urlachers had taken outside his home just before they returned to their home in Alberta.

“Brian and Elizabeth are very much like Lisa and I,” Wheeler says.  “They are great people, very community minded, work hard at their business and give back to the hockey community every chance they can.  They are to be both commended and admired for what they have done for the many minor hockey associations that have benefited from their fundraising calendars.”

Next Year (2014) will hopefully see the return of Brian and Elizabeth to Newfoundland as the Urlachers have become major sponsors for the Be The Game, an organization founded by Joe Drexler, whose primary goal is to make a difference in childrens’ lives by inspiring them to acts of kindness.  As Joe Drexler moves his #KindEveryTime tour across Canada, one of his stops is Corner Brook, Newfoundland, giving the Urlachers an opportunity to return to the province and bring with it their kindness.

When asked about the pending visit Wheeler says “We’re super excited.  We get to show what we can give back here in Newfoundland, we get to reach out to all the children in the area, show them that kindness and respect is rewarded in life.  We can’t wait to see Brian and Elizabeth again and to meet Joe in person.”

One thing is certain, the Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendar and Newfoundland Hockey Talk may have had a chance meeting back in 2009 but the friendship formed is cemented for the years to come.

If you want to support Joe Drexler with his #KindEveryTime tour, you can visit Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendars and purchase one of the fabulous Hockey Spirit Calendars.

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