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Updated: January 19, 2014
Gander Flyers | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

After being blasted by and outscored by your opposition 24-5 in the last three games leading up to Sunday’s actions, many teams would have given up and assumed the worst. After being blown out last weekend by the CeeBees and with the Caribous trouncing you 8-1 at home last night, no one would have blamed the Gander Flyers for raising the white flag.

Fans were left grasping at a few glimmers of hope and celebrating a few of their players being picked up as 2014 Allan Cup affiliates for the Clarenville Caribous. Some of the purple and gold supporters were telling Newfoundland Hockey Talk that things were bad in the organization and that fan’s whispers as to what could be wrong with their beloved Flyers were growing louder.

Yes, fans can be critical but they forget that the Flyers are in a building phase.
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They have attracted some great talent in Peter Campbell, Grant Donovan and Rob Mignardi. They have great support from the sponsors and the town. They have grown a loyal fan base and they are sticking to a gameplan that the team management believes will make this team a success in the Newfoundland and Labrador Senior Hockey League (NLSHL).

History has shown that teams can rebound from a series of bad losses. The Flyers started the New Year with a victory over the Western Royals. They played exceptionally well considering the month-long layoff over Christmas. The games against the Eastlink CeeBee Stars came after that team added a great starting goaltender and some big names to its roster. The Caribous have always been a tough win in the league and this weekend wasn’t going to be a pushover.

Despite being whitewashed on Saturday night, the Flyers dug deep and showed heart. They came back to tie and take the lead in Sunday’s game. Some said the Flyers took it to the Caribous and had outstanding performances throughout the entire lineup and were on a mission to prove they deserve to be in the league.
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The Gander Flyers and their fans have to remember that it wasn’t that long ago when the Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts cleaned house, dumping many of its players and made changes throughout the organization. They were determined on building a team that could win and survive in the new financial realty of the NLSHL. They lost every game leading up to the Christmas break that season and then became the best team on the ice after the break. That success led them to the Herder Championship.

That’s the kind of heart that Gander Flyers have to keep showing and the successes will come. To the fans, show the same heart, keep your heads held high and be proud of the team your town has. Embrace what they bring to the ice game-in, game-out.
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It may be a struggle to stay positive but keep supporting the purple and gold through the good times as well as these bad times. You will see the fruits of your labour soon enough, of that here at Newfoundland Hockey Talk we have no doubt.

Photo Credit: Gander Flyers

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