Meltdown in Harbour Grace

Updated: January 19, 2014
Zamboni Broken Eastlink CeeBee Stars | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

Sunday’s Newfoundland and Labrador Senior Hockey was cancelled after 20 minutes of action due to poor ice conditions. With the Eastlink CeeBee Stars leading 1-0 over the Western Royals after 20 minutes of play, the unthinkable happened. The Zamboni ran out of propane and hot water spilled over the ice surface apparently melting a hole into the ice, forcing the cancellation.

Staff at the arena attempted to fix the problem but the officials deemed the ice was in no condition to allow the game to continue.

Initially, coach Ed Kearsey was told that the game would be decided by a shootout and the Royals prepared themselves for just that. However, league officials stepped in and informed both teams that the game couldn’t be decided by a shootout.

The Western Royals are of the opinion that the game should be awarded to them because it is the responsibiilty of the home team to ensure that the ice in in playable condition.
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Coach Kearsey indicated that the home team has to take responsibility for what happened.

This unfortunate happening occured after the Western Royals dropped a 4-3 decision on Saturday night to the CeeBees despite a valiant effort at a comeback.

On Saturday night, Colin Feehan from the Eastlink team had a goal and 2 assists, Matt Bragg had a goal and an assist and both Matt Quinn and Ray Dalton rounded out the scoring for the defending Herder Memorial Champions.
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Royals got offense from Chris Peach, Michael Hynes and Zack Firlotte.
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The cancellation of the game was extremely disappointing to the Eastlink CeeBee Stars who were riding a winning streak heading into today’s action. The team had made several changes to their roster in the New Year and with the lead in this game, it’s anyone’s guess whether they could have extended their streak.

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