Mior Done as a Caribou?

Updated: November 16, 2014

We had initially decided not to post this topic because of the criticism that will be levied our way especially since Newfoundland Hockey Talk had previously published that Terry Ryan was not playing with the Caribous.  However, at the Sunday match-up between the Corner Brook Royals and the Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts, this rumour was still circulating.  We have to emphasize that this is a rumour.

For the last few weeks, Newfoundland Hockey Talk has been following up on some rumours that there was some goaltending trouble in the Clarenville Caribous organization.  Initially, it was indicated that Jason Churchill would potentially miss parts of the season due to work commitments.  That did not come as a surprise because everyone, including the Caribous organization knew that Churchill would not be playing all the games for that very reason.

We had also heard some rumblings that there were some preseason “tensions” with Ryan Mior but the organization had successfully worked through those and had come to terms with Mior for the season.

In a surprise twist tonight Newfoundland Hockey Talk has learned that Mior told the Caribous that he will no longer play for the organization.
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  Coming from three different sources, we were told that Mior instructed the Caribous lose his number and to not call him to play after last weekend in Corner Brook.
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  While we have not been able to determine the exact reason for Mior wanting to part ways with the Caribous, one can only wonder what is actually up.  The Clarenville Caribous were playing the first game of the Caribous-Flyers series without a backup goaltender which leads us to believe that there is some substance to the rumour.  This could lead to a very interesting scenario where the Caribous could potentially see themselves without a goaltender if Churchill is unavailable because of work.

If Mior has indeed indicated that he no longer wants to play for the Caribous, you may also see a potential trade where the Caribous could send Mior to the Flyers for Roger Kennedy.  Kennedy was their backup goaltender last season and given the goaltender situation in the Flyers organization, acquiring a goaltender the quality of Mior would be a major boost for them.  Also, given that the Caribous two top defensemen did not play today because of injury, maybe the Caribous can leverage Mior to fill that hole.

People close to the Caribous organization are denying that Mior is done, indicating that he is still with the organization.  They have stated that the Caribous do have backup goalies in Mior and Prior.  We have reached out and have asked Ryan Mior about this development and have not heard any comment back.  He has read the message sent but has not provided any further insight into the situation.

The Caribous played a second game today without a back-up goalie which again adds some credibility to this situation.  The Clarenville Caribous have a unique situation to have two of the best goalies in the league – Jason Churchill and Ryan Mior.  Churchill is arguably one of the best goalies in the Central West Newfoundland Senior Hockey Leauge.  The Caribous have noted that he will only miss two more weekends and that he will indeed be backed up by Prior and Mior.  Mior does have commitments outside of hockey which may be playing into this situation.

There is already some discussion happening around this very topic now on the Newfoundland Hockey Talk Discussion Forum.

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