Cataracts Big Three

Updated: November 18, 2014

The Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts have shown time and time again why they are the team to beat in the Central West Newfoundland Senior Hockey League.

  They have a group of dedicated volunteers, great goaltending and a line-up that is arguably one of the best assembled, mixing local Newfoundland talent with some great imports.

Watching the Cataracts play against the Corner Brook Royals this past weekend, it was a pleasure to watch this team play.  I also became very noticeable that the Cataracts success so far this season (at least offensivel) stems from the play of three players – Cam Fergus, Michael Brent and Collin Circelli.  They are involved with most of the plays, log the most ice time and control the action on the ice.

Fergus, hailing from Brantford, Ontario is a slick center with a tremendous work ethic on the ice.  He is a goal scorer who has the hockey sense to put himself in the right spot at the right time but what distinguishes him from others is he works hard along the boards, digs in the corners and is equally good in the neutral zone and back defending.  When all combined, there is no wonder why Fergus logs a considerable amount of ice time on his regular shift, the power play and penalty kill.  This hard work is paying off as Fergus currently sits in fourth in scoring, having 6 goals and 2 assists for a total of 8 points.

Oshawa, Ontario’s Collin Circelli is another big threat for the Cataracts.  He’s a slick skating center that has the moves and the hands to get the job done.  He has great speed and can navigate the ice in a way like no other.  His playing style fits right in with the Cataracts and allows him to lead a quick transition from defence to offence in the blink of an eye.  A great playmaker, Circelli has allowed the Cataracts to up their level of play this season.

  He currently sits in ninth in scoring with 2 goals and 4 assists for a total of 6 points.

A key to the Cataracts success rests with defenseman Michael Brent.  Standing at 6’1” and weighing in over 230 pounds, Brent is a force on the blue line and one of the toughest defencemen in the league.

  He is the core of the Cataracts defensive squad and a threat with the big shot on the power play.  He is also a great skater and one of the best defensemen around.  Hailing from Botwood, NL, Brent has established himself early this season and is on pace to surpass his scoring totals from last season.  He currently sits sixth in scoring with 4 goals and 3 assists for a total of 7 points.

If these players can sustain the level of play they have brought to the ice so far this season, the Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts are in great shape as they defend their position atop the standings.

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