Cataracts Respond to Suspension

Updated: March 3, 2016

After learning that their defenseman, Rodi Short, has been given a 3-game suspension for the incident involving the Corner Brook Ryan Salvis, the Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts have issued a statement about the league ruling.

The Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts are very disappointed in the decision by the CWSHL to hand a 3 game suspension to Cataract defenceman Rodi Short. In addition to the suspension itself we are particularly concerned about the way the announcement of the suspension was handled. The league executive voted on the suspension Tuesday evening. It was then reported in the social media by a member of the Corner Brook Royals organization early Wednesday morning. The Cataracts organization was not notified of the decision until late Wednesday afternoon by phone. When told of the decision Cataracts President Stan Coffin requested a written confirmation including the rationale for the decision and an explanation of under what regulation(s) the league was authorized to implement such a suspension. A written confirmation was not received until late Wednesday night, some 24 hours after the decision was made. The written report still leaves some key questions unanswered. The Cataracts believe this was handled very poorly by the CWSHL Executive. Now that the team has a written report from the league it will decide on a course of action that will include but is not limited to an appeal of the suspension to HNL. In the meantime the Cataracts would like their fans to know that immediately upon learning that there was an investigation of the incident involving Rodi Short and Royals player Ryan Salvis, the team cooperated completely with the league including sending a copy from their Webcast of the incident. The Cataracts also provided a lengthy point by point written defense. The Cataracts will continue to pursue this matter and keep fans informed.

Newfoundland Hockey Talk broke the story early Wednesday morning after sources had revealed that Short would be suspended for 3-games.

From the Cataracts response to the suspension, it is obvious the organization disagrees with the decision and with the league’s authority to issue a suspension.  Discussions taking place on the Newfoundland Hockey Talk discussion forum have focused on the call that was made during the game and the type of penalty assessed to Short at the time of incident.  Arguments are being made that the league has violated its own constitution and that it may be Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador that has jurisdiction over this issue.  There is also speculation as to whether or not the Cataracts will appeal the decision.

Game 3 is slated for Saturday, March 5 at the Hodder Memorial Stadium in Deer Lake, with Game 4 back at the Civic Centre in Corner Brook.


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