Site Upgraded to SSL Security

Updated: October 28, 2019

This past weekend, Newfoundland Hockey Talk was upgraded & now includes SSL security.  What exactly does this mean for you as a user & visitor of this site?

This is a big deal for you and now means your connection to our website is secure and encrypted.  Any data you enter is safely shared with our website.  It means that we have  taken precautions to ensure that should you comment, provide us your email address or other pieces of information while interacting with this site or our hockey discussion forum, is protected.

Even though you might type in http:// to access our site, it will automatically direct to our https:// site – for security purposes.  While this appears to have been successful, we have noticed that at times there are some images & some items that may not appear correctly.

We ask for your patience as we troubleshoot & ensure that everything is working correctly.  If you happen to spot something broken, drop us a note using our Contact Form.

Thanks for understanding & for supporting Newfoundland Hockey Talk.

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