ECSHL Still in Doubt

Updated: November 4, 2019

The start of the East Coast Senior Hockey League and the Central West Hockey League is still in doubt.

The frustration of trying to iron out a deal with the CeeBees is starting to show. Ivan Hapgood, GM of the Clarenville Caribous has issued the following statement:

“We are still working on a deal with the CeeBees that we hope to have done over the next cpl of days. We delayed our draft until Wednesday to see if we can do it all on Wednesday night, both the draft and a deal with CeeBees.
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I know it’s frustrating for you as fans, but not so frustrating as it is for me. The time and hours this is taking is unbelievable.
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It’s easy to sit back and say do it and move on but when 4 teams parted ways with the CeeBees before, it wasn’t on good terms and to rebuild that relationship is taking time. With that being said the earliest we will start the Season is the Nov 15th weekend and that only if we get a deal done this week.
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The ECSHL draft was scheduled to occur this past weekend but that is now delayed until at least Wednesday.

The delay in the ECSHL is also impacting the start of the CWSHL who are waiting on a decision from the east with respect to interlocking games. The CWSHL is unable to go ahead with just the Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts and Gander Flyers. They require an agreement on interlocking games with the ECSHL to proceed.

Sources have indicated that the CeeBees had agreed to participate in some interlocking games but the status of that is now in doubt as negotiations continue.

The politics of Newfoundland Senior Hockey has reared its ugly head again as egos behind the scenes put their own desires ahead of the fans and the game.

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