ECSHL Going Ahead (Maybe)

Updated: November 9, 2019

After weeks of speculation about the future of the East Coast Senior Hockey League, Newfoundland Hockey Talk has learned there will be hockey on the province’s east coast this season.

According to sources, an agreement has been reached and there will be a league made up of six teams, including the CBN CeeBee Stars. The season is set to have its opening weekend November 15-17.
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The delay in starting was caused when Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador indicatd it would not sanction the league for play unless the CeeBee Stars was a part of the league. The ECSHL appealed this decision to Hockey Canada but the appeal was denied, forcing the league to enter into negotiations to determine conditions for acceptance of the CeeBees into the league.

The ECSHL will now operate with the Clarenville Caribous, Conception Bay Blues, Northeast Eagles, St. John’s Caps, Southern Shore Breakers and CBN CeeBee Stars.

Sources are indicating that a part of the agreement, teams in the ECSHL agreed there would be no interlocking games with the Central West league. However, HNL apparently has pressured the CeeBee Stars to play interlocking games with the CWSHL as a condition to it being accepted back in the ECSHL.

According to our sources, there is still uncertainty as to whether this will void the agreement in place.
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There is also some doubt a to whether the CeeBee Stars will actually play the interlocking games throwing the certainty of the league up in the air even with less than a week to its scheduled start date.

This saga has gone on for more than a month and the only certainty at this point is that the ECSHL fans are being held hostage by the egos of those who operate the league.
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