Q & A With Noah Wilson

Updated: December 2, 2019

With lots of great talent from Newfoundland playing in the QMJHL, Newfoundland Hockey Talk reached out to a rookie player, Noah Wilson to ask him about his experience so far.

1) Are you able to tell us what this opportunity means to you now that you’re drafted into the QMJHL?  Were you excited? Nervous?

The opportunity to be drafted and play in the QMJHL is huge. It is great for my development as a player and a person. When I found out when I made the team I was very excited and for the first bit of the season I was a bit nervous since I did not really know what to expect. Since training camp, I feel that I have settled in quite well.

2) You’re just 17, drafted into the QMJHL with the Drummondville Voltigeurs.  What’s it like to be away from home & step into one of the most competitive leagues for junior hockey?

I was away playing hockey at King’s-Edgehill School in Windsor, NS the last two years. So I was used to being away from home .The only difference is living with billets which I have really enjoyed so far and completing grade 12 online. This league is definitely much more competitive and has a tougher schedule with harder practices and more games, but I feel that I have adjusted well so far.

3) So far this season, you’ve only played 3 games but watching you develop so far, you’ve been a quick learner. How has the coaching staff & other players helped you with the transition to the QMJHL?

The coaching staff and other players have helped me greatly. The coaches work with me to improve my game and always tell me things to improve on. The veteren players also help me and give me advice which I am thankful for and is very helpful.

4) You have a fellow Newfoundlander in the lineup with you – Dawson Mercer – How has he helped you adjust to being in the QMJHL?

He has helped me adjust to the QMJHL by supporting me and making me feel at home here in Drummondville. There are many things I can relate to him like living in Newfoundland and going away to prep school. He is a great leader on our team on and off the ice and someone I look up to.

5) What does the future hold for you in your hockey career?  Do you see yourself turning pro or heading to a university & competing at that level?

At this time I’m not sure what the future holds for my hockey career. I’m just trying to play hockey at the highest level that I can. Hopefully I can further my hockey career by playing university or even pro. I am just going to keep working hard and try to get as far as I can in hockey and take each year one step at a time.

6) And lastly, are you having fun?

I am having a lot of fun here in Drummondville all of the guys on the team are great and it is fun being around them everyday and being on the road all the time with them.

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