Mariners Committed to Playoffs

Updated: February 28, 2020

Last week saw a first in West Coast Senior Hockey League action when the Port Aux Basque Mariners forfeited the first of their playoff games.
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According to Mark Lawrence of the Mariners, the team didn’t want to do this but did so out of the best interest of the players. The team said there were only 14 players committed to play but two players ended up sick and several others indicated they were not willing to play with a short bench against the Deer Lake Red Wings.

The decision came after the Deer Lake Red Wings trounced the Corner Brook Royals by a score of 8-1 and the general manager did not want to put the players and fans through the same thing at the Bruce II Sports Centre. Lawrenced indicated that he had watched the game between the Wings and the Royals. The Royals had a short bench for the game and indicated that after the Wings ran the score up to 4-0, it was obvious that players were just going through the motions until the final whistle.

Lawrence said “Where we only had one goalie and nine players committed, it was in the best interest of the team to take the loss and put our efforts into the next three games. I think it was the right call not to put players in danger and try to finish out the season strong in the playoff games left.”

Last season, the Mariners managed to ge 13 to 14 players on the ice the entire season. This year has been a much different story for both the Mariners and the Royals. Deer Lake has been the only team that has iced a full team all season and it shows in their game play.

According to Lawrence, the team met on Sunday and they will have a full lineup for Friday night’s home game against the Corner Brook Royals and for the game on Saturday against the Wings. “We want to finish strong for our fans and sponsors and show there is something left to fight for next season and that, hopefully, it will be better next year,” Lawrence said.
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