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Re: Resurrection of the WCSHL

Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 3:35 pm
by timbits
Jetsfan94 wrote:
timbits wrote:Seeing that PAB is signing players from Bishops Falls and Grand Falls. You mean to tell me these guys aren't getting some type of incentive to give up their weekends to travel across the island in winter weather to play hockey? Not likely! I know a couple of the guys and they wouldn't be doing this for free, already heard rumors that they're getting some sort of payment. The no paid players is already a crock of sh*t! No one is travelling to PAB from central in the crappy winter weather they get to play hockey for free I can guarantee you that..
I don't understand this either timbits. From the information given at the press conference yesterday, we were told it was going to be a local league with each team having an area they could draw players from. Now PAB can add players from Grand Falls and Bishops Falls and this is allowed ? And it is hard to believe these players are giving up their weekend to travel a long distance to play hockey with no incentive.
I mean I could be completely out to lunch but I just can't see these guys travelling in every weekend to play for free. And then who is paying for their travel costs to drive from Central to PAB? That can get costly.. I don't know, somethings a bit fishy to me here. I know the boys from central are not heading to the west coast every weekend for nothing.. not a chance!