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What is the shape of a hockey puck?: triangle

Wed Mar 23, 2011 12:20 am

I am a minor hockey player who has played hockey since I can remember and I passionately LOVE it! Unfortunately, this is my last year of midget, and I am not looking forward to my last game. The sad part of all this is that I may not get my "last" game of minor hockey. The reason you ask? Well, it all boils down to the grading report. To make it simple we are put in a division that is unrealistic. Well, I am sure you have all experienced this at some point. I won't go into the long story of why we shouldn't be there. HNL already knows, we have voiced our opinion with the score sheets etc. My parents always told me that if I make a decision I should explain how I came to that decision. We are talking about mature men and women on the HNL board who won't justify their reason why they came to this decision. Do they even read the requests, and score sheets? I have no idea, I am only a player who wants to play hockey. The only answer we received was NO CHANGES TO BE MADE. Most of our players have decided not to attend the Easter tornament. It leaves us with about 9 players.??? I am hoping that this message will get out to others in the same situation. Its not the parents who suffer, its the players who want to play hockey. I would appreciate other comments on this topic. Thank you.

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What is the shape of a hockey puck?: triangle

Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:36 pm

Yeah, HNL's grading reports are pretty much a joke. Its been a couple of years now since I finished but I remember my last year were seeded into a division which clearly had 2 tiers. On one hand were 3 B teams, Stephenville (which I played for), Clarenville and Northeast, on the other were 3 teams from small towns which only fielded the one team - Fogo, Glovertown and Churchill Falls. Those 3 small town teams had players with experience at the AAA level, including one player who was drafted into the QMJHL. Compare that with 3 B teams, players that aren't good enough to play for A teams and have never so much as thought about trying to play AAA. From the outset we knew it was a longshot to get a medal which is all that much more discouraging when you're hosting the tournament. We ended up tied for 4th I think with a 1-3-1 record, we never had a hope to honest with you.

I don't know who exactly draws these things up but they should find another method because its obvious who was getting the medals. Glovertown ended up winning, they scored at least 8 goals per game on the B teams, Fogo came second and Churchill 3rd.

Just as a comparison, the year before we had played in an all B team division with Mount Pearl, Conception Bay, Avalon, St. John's and Bay Roberts. Again we were 4th at the end with a 2-2-1 record. At least this was a fair division, the games were close with the exception of the 2 we lost which were blowouts (10-1, 8-1 I think) but that was mostly because we just played bad games and had to go with a cold goaltender because of injuries.

My advice to you, try and get your team back together and play because you love hockey, not because you want to win. In my 2 years of bantam, my team won just 1 game. We routinely were blown out of the water, that came with the territory of being a B team on the west coast, our only competition were other A teams with access to AAA guys. We only one 1 medal at an easter tourny, a silver in peewee back in 2004. We once went a stretch where we were outscored 65-3 over 5 games playing teams from the northern peninsula in Midget (somehow we were a division ahead of them in the grading report...go figure). Talking to some of the guys in the years after we were done, we all missed going on road trips and being part of the team, even more than the hockey. You can keep playing until your into your 60s, you can play in some "competitive" rec leagues, but hands down, some of the best memories I have from middle/high school are minor hockey tournaments. Go and play, even if you lose, at the end of the day, who cares?

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Wed Apr 27, 2011 5:27 pm

These days Glovertown are struggling to ice teams on their own they are teaming up with other places to get enough to play anywhere. Anyway i just came from a peewee "G" tournament in New-wes-valley where there were 6 teams. Mount Pearl, St johns, CB regional, St Anthony, New-Wes-valley/Glovertown and Sheshatshiu. Mount Pearl was the team to beat there was no one else came close to beating them in the tournament and beat all teams by a huge score in all games. Didnt watch the final game for the banner but i would say they were the team to take it home. How these teams were graded together no human being will ever know. It was the same talk all through the tournament from all teams. Whoever graded the teams should take a long look at what goes on weither it be a buddy system to bring the banners home which was alot of talk. Then more people were saying they get their A and B teams, then the others play in an house league and dont have any game sheets to pass on to HNL and they dont get graded and then they have tryouts for this tournament and pick them from 40 or 50 players. I DONT KNOW HOW IT WORKS BUT THESE ARE THE STORIES YOU GET AROUND THE RINK. Dont jump all over me on this i just want to know how it all works and if these things are right?? It is alittle harder for the smaller places to do this to make it even. My only thing is if HNL put these teams together in the same group then there is something wrong with the system and they wouldn't grade a kindergarden report card. Maybe it is the area they come from that does the grading. When you have a team leading by a score of 11-4 and call a timeout with 2 minutes left in the game and break out the drawing board to show the boys what is next or a 8-0 lead and the coach is calling out force them,force them come on get real. It is sickening to watch and for the other kids it is not a good feeling either. Come on HNL get your act together and straighten this grading thing out and make it good for all teams not just some. I know its nice to have the banners but win them at your own level not take them from teams that cant compete at these higher levels.

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