Site Redesign – We’re Almost There

Updated: April 13, 2009

Newfoundland Hockey Talk LogoFor those who have been visiting the site and watching it progress through the site redesign, we’re almost there!

It’s been a late few nights and getting everything in place with our new software, new logo and our revised list of forums has been a long and tedious process.  We know that you are anxious to start discussing hockey again!  Rest assured we are almost there and will soon have you ready to start “hockey talking” again.

Remember, you will have to register your account again as we’ve completely pruned all the content to keep the board lean and running fast.  We trimmed over 5 years worth of topics from the databases – over 180,000 posts are now archived.
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  Some of this content will be revived as here at Newfoundland Hockey Talk we are hoping to have a “Hall of Fame”, where some of the memories many eventually come back to life!
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Check back shortly as we put the finishing touches on the site.
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