Don’t Overlook Peter Campbell

Updated: January 17, 2014
Peter Cambell Gander Flyers | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

When the Gander Flyers announced the signing of Peter Campbell as one of their import cards, there were many in the Newfoundland and Labrador hockey circles that quietly said “Peter who?”  He wasn’t a name that was passed around by other players or one that was recognized by those tasked to find import talent for the teams.
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If you check out Campbell’s resume, you see very quickly that he is not only a seasoned veteran, but he is also one that has consistently performed both as a goal scorer and as a playmaker for the teams he has signed on with.  He’s played across Europe and in his recent North American league play with the Thousand Island Privateers, he amassed 89 points in just 48 games.
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Imports have been hyped before and many wondered if this was a player who could deliver on the ice what was showing on paper.  However, if you look at Campbell’s performance with the Gander Flyers, he has delivered consistently from a team that sits in the basement of the standings.

In just 13 games played, Campbell has scored 13 goals and has 7 assists for a 20 point season, eleventh in the scoring statistics.  He sits just three goals behind Andre Gill of the Cataracts who leads the league in numbers of goals and when you consider the firepower that the Cataracts have, it makes Campbell’s performance that much more remarkable.  Gill also has 3 more games played than Campbell.

In speaking with several Gander fans off the ice, they indicate that not only is Campbell a leader and scorer on the ice, he’s one of the most respectful people that you can meet off the ice.
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  He keeps a very positive attitude, understands his role within the Flyers organization and is making every effort to see that his team has a chance in every game, despite some of the more recent lopsided scores.

The “Peter Who” questions have now turned into whispers as the one that may have gotten away.  Campbell is definitely a player that the Flyers want to keep and someone who they can build a very successful organization around.

Take in a game with the Gander Flyers and watch Number 20 play his heart out.  As a fan, you’ll be in for ad definite treat.  Peter Campbell may have gotten overlooked initially, but he’s definitely making a lot of noise in the league right now.

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