A Message from CeeBee Stars President Nick Saunders

Updated: September 24, 2014
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Members of the CeeBees hockey community, and this morning especially our CeeBee Stars Family.

It is with great regret and profound sadness that I inform you that the Eastlink CeeBee Stars received an email this morning from Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador’s Senior Council stating neither the AESHL or the CWSHL are willing to accept the teams into their respective leagues for this upcoming season and therefore the Conception Bay CeeBees and the Mount Pearl Blades have no league to play in for the 2014-15 season. They wished us luck in our future endeavors.
Since we learned back in the first week of June of the split of the 4 teams from the NLSHL and the formation of the new CWSHL we have continuously tried to secure a game of hockey for our players, fans and sponsors. Applications where declined for entrance into both leagues from their respective executives. Countless emails, phone conversations and face to face meetings with HNL Sr Council, Hockey NL and Hockey Canada to try and work to find a way where unsuccessful. These organizations all have stated “they do not have the power to mandate leagues to accept teams.

This is truly a sad day for all of us involved with the CeeBees team and no doubt just as sad for the fans who have supported us for many years. I am truly sorry we could not find a game for this season. We have tried every avenue on your behalf.

HNL has left us no choice and we have immediately requested a leave of absence in order to secure the players presently carded to our team. This will allow us to release them so they can continue to play the game where they chose this season. This in turn will allow us to retain their rights should we find our way back to a league next season.
To any and all players who have at one time worn a CeeBees Jersey proudly, we thank you sincerely for the commitment you have shown to the organization, to the Conception Bay North Area to our fans, especially those young CeeBees Players to whom you have been a wonderful example. Thanks to your families, wives, girlfriends, parents and children for sharing you all with us each and every season and for the entertainment you have provided to our fans. You will always be part of the CeeBees family.

To all the fans who stuck with us through this amazing era of hockey, thank you so much. You have rocked the old barn many nights and we truly appreciate you. Our players knew they were at an advantage playing at SW Moores, our rivals knew they were in trouble playing there and even the officials have told us they fed off the excitement and atmosphere you created. Thanks for travelling with us, cheering for us and celebrating and sharing. You are the best fans in Senior Hockey in Newfoundland and Labrador and your loyalty has been unwavering. The picture we took at Center Ice at SW Moores on March 16, 2013 with the Herder and our fans summed up what our fans mean to us, it will always be a treasured memory. Thanks to Brian Tuck for capturing this and many thousands of others wonderful memories and moments we will have forever because of your photos and dedication to this team.

To present and past executive members, those who blazed the trail and those who have been there in recent years and kept it all going especially Gus, Dave, Don, Tracy, Victoria, Paul, Reub, Wendy, Glenn, Val, Claudine, Ken and Pat and anyone who has helped in any way. Thank you for volunteering your time and talents to this great team and sport.

To the trainers and coaching staff Thank You for your unwavering commitment.

To the sponsors within the entire CBN business community especially to Arthur and Brian and the Eastlink Team who have been our Title sponsor, thank you for your support.

To all the Minor Hockey Players from the CeeBees Minor Hockey Association and the Bay Arena thanks for cheering us on and good luck in your upcoming seasons. Play hard and dream big!
A special thanks to Ian Moores, Peter George, and Kenny Hunt. For the support you have given me and the countless hours you have given behind the scenes to try and keep things going I can’t thank you enough.

You are the reason the CeeBees returned and the reason they stayed. You attracted the talent and brought out the best in all of us. When we needed to dig deeper and push harder you came through.

We will immediately start down the path of finding a way forward for the 2015-16 Season. Thanks for your support and dedication and we look forward to returning the Red, White and Blue to SW Moores next season.

Sincerely and sadly,
Nick Saunders
Eastlink Cee Bee Stars Senior Hockey Team
(709) 573-0123

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