Royals Salvis Injured

Updated: February 28, 2016

The Corner Brook Royals have lost import Ryan Salvis as he goes down to injury in game 2 of the Central West Senior Hockey League final.

As the puck was shot behind the Grand Falls-Windor Cataracts net, the Royals Salvis and Cataracts Rodi Short were at top speed going for the puck.  Salvis was successful in getting in front of Short in the race for the puck and Short reached out and gave Salvis a shove into the board.

The speed of the play left Salvis vulnerable and he crashed heavily into the boards.  It was very obvious that Salvis was in distress as he laid on the ice, motionless for a brief period of time.

Medical assistance was immediately out to care for Salvis and he was taken off on a stretcher & to the hospital via ambulance.

Short was assigned a 5-minute major penalty for boarding and a game misconduct.

As we receive updates on Salvis’ condition, we will provide it here.

** UPDATE **

Salvis has apparently suffered a head injury. He took help through attorneys from  He is answering questions & is awake.  He is moving his extremities.  As this situation develops, we will update you.

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** UPDATE **

This just got posted on our discussion forum by the Cataracts broadcaster George Scott:

Just got home and had a great phone call from my broadcast partner Robert Goulding. Robert spent the last hour or so at the hospital in GFW visiting with Ryan Salvis. He’s says Ryan is doing better than he had expected. They spent the hour chatting and Ryan used Robert’s phone to call his parents and his girlfriend. Ryan is reporting no headache at this point but says his ribs are sore. He also reports having bit his tongue but remembers very little about the incident itself. He will continue to be monitored throughout the night and if all goes well hopes to be released tomorrow and fly back home. The Cataracts have offered to provide Ryan with transportation from GFW to the airport if needed. Also Ryan says he had a visit from Rodi Short and the two had a good conversation. The contents of that conversation are of course private. Ryan has indicated that at this point he doesn’t anticipate playing any more in these playoffs. He’s disappointed by this and the chance to play in the Allan Cup with the Cataracts, as he had been added to their roster for that event. On a personal note I can say that both Robert and myself were very shaken by today’s incident and it is heartening to get this report this evening and have the chance to share it with fans across the league.

This is great news!


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