• Eastlink CeeBee Stars | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

    Beware the CeeBee Stars

    The Eastlink CeeBee Stars have been one of the most prolific teams on the Newofundland senior hockey scene in the last 10 years. They have either won or placed second in...

  • Newfoundland Senior Hockey Finances | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

    Cost of Buying a Winning Team

    What’s the cost of operating a team in the Newfoundland and Labrador Senior Hockey League? That’s been one of the questions that’s been tossed around in hockey circles for some time....

  • Western Royals Steve North | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

    Royals Should Release North

    No one can question Steve North for his heart he has shown playing for the Corner Brook Royals. He’s battled through injury after injury and has come back time and time...

  • Daniel Cleary | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

    Cleary’s Future with the Wings

    Daniel Cleary became the first Newfoundland Native to win the Stanley Cup in 2008. His star was shining bright as the gritty forward showed his grit and determination on the ice....

  • Terry Ryan | Clarenville Caribous | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

    For the Love of the Game

    When Terry Ryan returned to Newfoundland Senior Hockey, fans were buzzing. He was considered one of the premier players who was dominant with the puck and played a very physical game....

  • Newfoundland Senior Hockey League | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

    Future of the Newfoundland Senior Hockey League

    The Christmas break has arrived for the Newfoundland Senior Hockey League and from a standings perspective, there’s nothing that really stands out. The Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts are leading the way with...

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