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Updated: March 10, 2010
Tommy Buffett | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

One of Newfoundland Hockey Talk’s (Newfoundland’s largest hockey discussion forum) members has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Tommy Buffett known on Newfoundland Hockey Talk as “Tommy” is definitely one of the most colourful members there. He has become a diehard Deer Lake Red Wings fan and has grown to be loved (and in some cases hated) on the discussion forum. He‘s one of the most colourful West Coast Senior Hockey League fans that frequent the forum.

Tommy often takes knocks for things he says on the forum. However much of what occurs on the forum is not the real Tommy, a man who organized the Mark Baldwin Memorial Hockey Tournament held each year in Cox’s Cove and gives back to the community every chance he can. His wife Natasha does the same, volunteering throughout the year for 4-H and other organizations throughout the community.

After hearing Tommy had once again been diagnosed with cancer, it was time for Newfoundland Hockey Talk to step up and do something to help cover the costs associated with travel and help ease the financial burden of this family. Newfoundland Hockey Talk wanted to do a fundraiser.

With the help of several other forum members, the teams in the West Coast Senior Hockey League were approached and each gave autographed jerseys with the exception of the Deer Lake Red Wings.
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However, Darren Langdon of the Deer Lake Red Wings did something more. He took his game warn jersey from his 2005 Herder Memorial Championship and gave it for this fundraiser.
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The owner of Newfoundland Hockey Talk dug into his collection of sports memorabilia and offered up some of autographed hockey cards and baseball cards. Others have started stepping up and offering other sports memorabilia to contribute.
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The fundraiser auction is ongoing through the WCSHL finals and the Herder Memorial championship.

For more details on the auctions please vist the Newfoundland Hockey Talk Discussion Forum’s WCSHL section by following this link –

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