Childish & Petty Behaviour Continues

Updated: September 22, 2017

I’m taking my ball and going home.

The childishness in the eastern hockey in our province has reared its head once again in Newfoundland Senior Hockey.

According to sources, the Hockey NL instructed the Avalon East Senior Hockey league to allow the Harbour Grace CeeBee Stars admission into the league.

Previously, the AESHL had kicked the Harbour Grace Cee Bee Stars from the league. What followed was a war of words that concluded when representatives of the AESHL, Hockey NL and the CeeBees met to discuss the happenings. The CeeBee Stars were allowed back into the league but the other four teams (Conception Bay Blues, Southern Shore Breakers, North East Eagles and St. John’s Capitals) left to form a league of their own. This leaves the CeeBee Stars as the only remaining team in the AESHL.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The Conception Bay Blues, Southern Shore Breakers, North East Eagles and St. John’s Capitals have quit the Avalon East Senior Hockey League.

This is a move meant to once again isolate the CeeBee Stars.

The childishness being displayed by the organizations amounts to nothing more than bullying. It is an obvious move to pressure Hockey NL to give into the unfounded and unproven accusations being hurled at the CeeBee Stars

This is not good for Newfoundland senior hockey.

There is no other way to describe this other than petty and childish.

This type of behaviour contributed to the fragile state of senior hockey in Newfoundland.
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Mark Reynolds, president of the CeeBee Stars hopes that Hockey NL will deny the application to form a new league. However, anyone who has any knowledge of how Hockey NL operates will know this probably won’t happen.

Hockey NL has consistently shown its disregard for the game, making decisions at all levels of hockey that have left many scratching their heads. At a time when senior hockey (and hockey in general) within Newfoundland and Labrador needs leadership from Hockey NL, it is anyone’s guess as to whether it will sanction a new metro league.

Hockey NL has a policy to encourage respect and fair play from all those involved with the game, it cannot allow this to continue.  Four teams did not get their way and now they want to take their ball and go home.

This is bullying.

How else would you describe such pressure tactics?
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 The accusations and allegations directed at the CeeBee Stars have not been proven.  The other four teams have clearly said that the CeeBee Stars were better at fundraising, organization, and in their play.  Rather than step up their own efforts to improve, they decided to resort to playing the role of the schoolyard bully.

Time of a lot of people to grow up and for Hockey NL to actually do something to improve the game.

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