CWSHL Contributes to Hockey Drama

Updated: September 27, 2017
Newfoundland Senior Hockey League | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

Teams from the Central West Senior Hockey League (CWSHL) – the Clarenville Caribous, Gander Flyers and Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts – have contributed to the ongoing drama in Newfoundland senior hockey.
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In a move to save the 2017-18 season, the CWSHL has elected to proceed with a 3-team league with interlocking games with the four defecting teams from the (almost) defunct Avalon East Senior Hockey League.

The move, while it guarantees fans of the three CWSHL teams hockey this year, demonstrates there is little desire within the province to improve the senior hockey scene.

The St. John’s Capitals, North East Eagles, Southern Shore Breakers and Bell Island Blues quit the AESHL after meetings with Hockey NL saw the Harbour Grace CeeBee Stars admitted back into the league. The four teams plan on forming a new “metro” league, leaving the CeeBees homeless once again.

While Mark Reynolds, president of the CeeBee Stars, calls the move embarrassing, Ivan Hapgood of the Clarenville Caribous stated “Sometimes what you don’t say is as good as what you do say, and I prefer not to say nothing about that situation.” Even though he admits that the controversy that has been swirling for weeks isn’t good for hockey, he indicates that the CWSHL teams had little alternative if they wanted to play this season.

The move by the CWSHL is pure selfishness that props up their league.
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It does nothing to improve the state of senior hockey in the province but instead sees the current Herder Memorial Champions, the CeeBee Stars without a league.
Senior hockey in the province is fragile.

It is this type of attitude that has shattered the provincial senior hockey scene.

The choice to “play at all cost”, “win at all cost” and “stick it to your opponent” is the dark side of Newfoundland senior hockey. When teams make bad choices, whether it is to pay players to sit home or promote the isolation of teams (as with the current drama), the overall stability of all senior hockey erodes.

It is also very ironic that the four teams that defected from the AESHL did so largely because they accused the Harbour Grace CeeBee Stars of paying its players. Yet, these same teams have agreed to play in a league that not only pays their players, but pays them very well.
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At the end of the day, it is time for all those involved with senior hockey to realize they are destroying the game.

It is time to grow up.


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