CWSHL May Play Again

Updated: December 1, 2019

In a new twist in the Central West Senior Hockey League, it appears there may be hockey starting in January 2020.

In a recent update on its Facebook Page, the Gander Flyers announced that the Flyers and Cataracts have agreed to play a 12-game season starting in January with the “possibility” of a third team entering the mix. The regular season will be followed by a playoff and with hopes of playing for the Herder Memorial Championship.

This decision comes after teams from the East Coast Senior Hockey League announced they would not play interlocking games. Hockey NL required at least 3 teams for the CWSHL to play & this decision by ECSHL teams meant that would not happen.

This development still requires the Senior Council at HNL to approve the changes to the CWSHL.

The question that remains is who this new team is and where they will obtain players at the calibre needed to compete at the high level within the CWSHL.

The Gander Flyers indicate that while there have been some players lost in the delay, there is still a strong commitment from both communities to have hockey for the fans.

Newfoundland Hockey Talk will provide updates as they continue to unfold.

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