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Updated: January 17, 2014
Clarenville Caribous 2014 Allan Cup Affiliate Players | Newfoundland Hockey Talk

It’s no secret that the Clarenville Caribous are making a run to win the 2014 Allan Cup.  As the host team bringing the championship to the island 2015, everyone should recognize being successful at the tournament is a big deal for local hockey.  This is the pinnacle of senior hockey Championships and to win it against all other Canadian entries is a big deal.  It will also set the stage for 2015.

The Caribous have a solid lineup for league play.  There’s no denying that they have been one of the best organized and most successful organizations in the Newfoundland Senior Hockey League.  Their dedication to build a winning team is to be admired but there are some in hockey circles now questioning the moves made to secure affiliate players for the Alan Cup.

Under Hockey Canada rules, the Caribous are permitted to affiliate 10 players from the NLSHL with their roster.  They are allowed one goaltender and nine skaters.  This allows the Caribous organization to call upon players when needed to fill gaps and ensuring that the team that’s competing at the Allan Cup is competitive.  The Clarenville Caribous have reached out to other teams and have announced their 2014 Allan Cup affiliate players.

From the Eastlink CeeBee Stars

  • Doug O’Brien
  • Mike Dyke
  • Matt Quinn

From the Gander Flyers

  • Peter Campbell
  • Rob Mignardi

From the Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts

  • Rob Hennigar
  • Cam Fergus
  • Rodi Short
  • Luke Gallant
  • AJ Whiffen

Six of the players are imports with four of those six finding themselves playing for their first time in the NLSHL with just over a dozen games each.  Additionally there are no players from the Mount Pearl Blades or the Western Royals.

Immediately, some fans and some people that run in hockey circles are questioning the choices for the team.  Just a few weeks ago people were also questioning Steve Yzerman for his selection for the Canadian Olympic Team.

Bottom line is the Caribous are putting the best players from the Newfoundland and Labrador Senior Hockey League on the ice to compete for the national senior hockey championship.  They are not picking up a few players to go for a leisurely skate, they are looking at not only being competitive but they are looking at winning.  That would make them the defending champs in 2015 when they host this tournament.

What people are failing to recognize is that no one is privy to the players that were approached.  No one knows what holes or gaps the organization is anticipating for the tournament that would have influenced their decision.  What is known is that the Caribous did pick those players who are experienced, talented and quite capable of representing Newfoundland and Labrador exceptionally well at the 2014 Allan Cup Championship.

Going to the Allan Cup is a big commitment for both the organization and the players.  There are few teams that make that trip now because of the additional expenses that brings on the backs of senior teams that are already struggling financially throughout the year.  Newfoundland and Labrador is lucky to have an organization willing to take on the burden to not only compete but to host this tournament.

Newfoundland Hockey Talk’s thoughts on the picks?  Well, that’s best left to be discussed on the forum.  Check out the ongoing chatter about this here – Caribous Announce 2014 Allan Cup Affiliate Players.

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