How Popular is Ice Hockey Betting in Canada?

Updated: June 2, 2021

Ice Hockey has been an integral part of Canadian culture since 1862, and the establishment of the Stanley Cup in 1893 only served to cement the sport further. Canada’s dominant play has established the world-renown NHL and Olympic team, leading to the rise of famous players like Wayne Gretzky. The popularity of ice hockey in Canada rivals sports like Football in the United States and Futbol in Spain.

Online Ice Hockey Betting

With it being such an integral part of Canadian culture, hockey has found its way into many different industries, including gambling and betting. Thanks to modern technology, sports statistics have become incredibly detailed and often offered in real-time, thus creating an excellent landscape for even more engaging ice hockey betting on websites such as Rizk.

With numerous websites and online sportsbooks to choose from, there is bound to be something for everyone. In 2020 alone, online gambling revenue topped $59 billion and is expected to double by 2027, based on a recent market analysis report.

But ice hockey betting is exciting to take part in because of the game itself.
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Ice hockey provides a thrilling event to watch that can be pretty unpredictable. Games can quickly turn around due to penalties or injuries, so betting can be quite a wild ride. It also provides a wide variety of options to bet on.

Most online betting websites provide general options like final score bets, total goals, and more. But you can also find platforms that offer a wide range of other options like regulation time, puck line, winning margins, and many other options.
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This allows players to really go in-depth and place more detailed bets.

The Allure of Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is an incredibly popular sport that can keep viewers on the edge of their seats. So it makes sense that ice hockey betting would be pretty popular as well. Wearing team colors or a player’s jersey provides a way for fans to showcase their passion and enthusiasm, and betting is another way fans show their support.

Ice hockey can be a way of “putting your money where your mouth is” and backing your favorite team. This enthusiasm and dedication for one’s favorite sports team are displayed worldwide, but ice hockey fans are genuinely some of the most passionate fans within sports.

Canadian ice hockey is world-renown, and so is the fanbase that comes with it. Millions of fans tune in to watch NHL games, and at the start of 2021, games were seeing record viewership. It’s no doubt that some of the most dedicated fans belong to the NHL and the teams that reside within it.

Betting has been a fun activity to go along with sports for as long as they’ve been established. In some cases, such as horseracing, the betting aspect can be as equally popular as the sport itself. While many fans can enjoy a hockey game without the need to gamble, betting can provide a fun and interactive activity to take part in. Just remember, gambling is just for entertainment, and you shouldn’t play with more than what you can afford.

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