Corner Brook Royals Future?

Updated: April 15, 2009

What will be the future of the Corner Brook Royals?

No one can deny their two dismal seasons and ending the 2008/09 campaign in the basement of the WCSHL put an exclamation mark on perhaps their worst performance in recent history.  Watching this team play in the past season was painful for many of the fans and it didn’t get any easier the longer the season went.

The best thing that happened to the Corner Brook Royals this season was their quick exit from the playoffs.  It put them out of their misery.
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The problems with the Corner Brook Royals doesn’t rest with the players.  On paper, the team had as much talent as any other in the league.  Stars such as Terry Ryan and up-and-comers such as Scott Doody were stellar throughout the season.  The problems with the Corner Brook Royals was in the backroom politics and power struggle within the organization itself.

One has to just look at the situation that occurred at the coaching helm.  Rob French was the coach, then he wasn’t, then he was, and then he was playing …. sound confusing?  The situation was pathetic and the Corner Brook Royals fans deserved much better.

The Corner Brook Royals also failed to recognize the potential they had in Todd Gillingham.  While some fans and critics have indicated that this player was washed up, the leadership potential and experience that this individual could have brought to a struggling Corner Brook Royals organization was endless.  However, what did the Corner Brook Royals opt to do?  Ask Gillingham to suit up and play, even when he told them that he was nowhere in game shape and that it would be a mistake.

The Corner Brook Royals were looking at how Gillingham’s presence on the ice could impact their gate.  A fan favourite returning was good PR and would put fans in the seats … or so they thought.  However, by not taking their time to build the team and ensure that steps were taken to create a foundation for the Royals, team management created a situation that resulted in Gillingham leaving, French quitting as coach and a last place finish in the WCSHL.

What will the future be for the Corner Brook Royals?

It is really tough to say.  It’s probably unlikely that Darren Colbourne will be back with the team next year.  He just didn’t appear to have his heart in the game this year and went through the motions.  It was difficult to watch him on the ice at times and see him struggle with the role given to him by the coaching staff.

Will Terry Ryan and Morgan Warren be returning?  That’s the $64,000 question.  These players are the offensive punch for the Corner Brook Royals.  Without at least one of them, the Royals will have no chance to compete in the WCSHL next season.

Things have to definitely change.  The Corner Brook Royals have to look at what the other organizations are doing and how they are operating.  The other three teams are run much better, have built their teams around younger talent and do things that are best for the organization as whole, not for the few.

The 2009/10 season is months away.  The Corner Brook Royals had better get with the program sooner than later.
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